The Gazelle has been successful since its inception in 1982. We have come a long way since then, with new salons, practices, and clients. Here are some of the reasons our patrons keep coming back to us:

quality control

With decades of success and a continuous process of training comes the knowledge needed to recreate beauty to suit any occasion.


Our beauty experts are as considerate as they are skilled, and our salon is spotless. This ensures the best service in a hygienic, relaxing environment.


We have watched trends evolve over the decades and understand the need to stay current and up to date with the very latest fashion.


The techniques and products we use are only the most modern available, ensuring swift service and the best results


The Gazelle not only offers extensive treatments for various skin and hair problems, but also replenishes beauty, leaving you feeling fresh, stunning, and confident.


We all want to express ourselves through our personal beauty and unique styling choices. We at The Gazelle will help you find a whole new side to yourself.