I once asked if there were any products that I should be using to control my breakouts and the girl working on me very sweetly told me a few natural remedies I could use at home. No one ever pressures me to buy anything. Great spa with an awesome vibe and service!

Shruti Kadam


Whenever I visit Pune - I book a face clean at The Gazelle. I look forward to this visit all year! The room is quiet, warm and cozy. You feel like you are in a very peaceful, clean and secure place so it is easy to relax. I have had many different women perform the facial for me and they are all wonderful. They all touch my face with a soft and rejuvenating pressure. But they still manage to clean out every pore!!

Judith Simmonds


The cut and style I get is always amazing and they have excellent suggestions for you if you want a change. The most exciting part of The Gazelle experience is the color! They have such a massive variety of shades and they are able to customize the look you want. So exciting!! Thanks The Gazelle!

Veronica James


I feel so confident after I get my cut and color at The Gazelle! It is truly a transformative experience. The spa is clean, bright and colorful. It has a totally friendly energy and everyone greets you with a smile.

Karan Arora


I finally found the best place to wax! The Gazelle! I have never had such a thorough job done until now. My eyebrows were given the best shape - she really spent time on them. I recently shaved so I didn't think she would be able to take anything out from my legs but it was like magic - every strand gone!

Florence Dsouza


The room was small but really clean and comfortable. The wax was the perfect temperature and did not irritate my skin. I felt really comfortable with the girl who waxed me she was super pleasant and attentive.

Payal Mehta